5 different colors for a curtain: Cucuteni Culture

Being in the last year of high school it takes a lot of work expecially when you are in a high school of fine arts. Here is how I begin my diploma thesis, I have to paint a curtain by using two or three colors, everyone should choose a theme (I chosed the Cucuteni Culture because is less popular than other cultures and I want to encourage it) after the curtains you have to make an decorative panel and then some accessories like pillows, painting clothes etc.

Still I can’t decide for the colors. I’m like between 1 and 2.

What do you think it should be?

(click on the image for better view)

draperie model 1 copy

draperie model 2 copy

draperie model 3 copy

draperie model 4 copy

draperie model 5 copy


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