Joimăriţa is an imaginary being bad-looking woman and creepy, huge head, long hair, and her mouth is always open and has wide teeth. Sister with Muma Padurii, in Romanian mythology.

Joimăriţa or Joimărica was originally a god of death who oversee the fires of Holy Thursday, lit to honor ancestors, but gradually became a vigilante character, fighting against laziness.

Joimăriţa does no harm, but is allowed by God once a year on Holy Thursday to make a terrific review among young wives, especially among older girls and ask them what they did over the winter? Thursday, early in the morning go through villages with one jar, the girls and wives who are lazy they put the hands into that jar and Joimarita starts burning the ladies fingers and nails. They know that Joimarita has to investigate them if they not have woven cloth, they put a piece of cloth at the window from last year and then they burn it. But Joimăriţa (Joimaritza) have a very good capacity for smelling and knows what they have done, so she start playing in the yard:
Smells like strand,
Smells like wicks,
Smells like the laziness of a child,
Smells like nonwoven cloth
And unbeaten wife.
And after the ‘blessing’ she puts the the fingers and the nails of the lazy girls in the jar of ashes and burns it, asking why they have fingers and nails and do nothing with them?

Next I will try to explain the symbols that I used in my draw



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