About some of the social media accounts.

Recently, I begun to be more active on the Instagram front. Promoting these works of art on this social media, was a great idea. This was actually my personal stuff account, as a ,,psychical person,, but then deleted all the nonsense, changed the name and description and made up the official account of Carpathian Wrath Art. Unfortunately I have to keep the profile on private mode because I can’t risk, some very weak people can hate the things I post. (if you are using an PC or don’t have an instagram account probably the link of the Instagram page won’t work). Since wordpress won’t allow to post different small clips of my work’s progress, I posted them right there.

I highly suggest to follow me here because :

1. I’m looking forward to show interesting things about culture, history, ethics, aesthetics and so on, CwA was mostly created as an visual and spiritual ,,food,,.

2. WordPress, has a limit, of course if you don’t pay a domain. (I am able to upload only about 3GB of media)

3. Facebook, it is very tricky. Most of the followers and people who gave a like to the blog’s official Facebook page can’t see my posts so easily, so again, if I have to promote myself there I have to pay money.

This is how the Instagram account looks.

Link again: https://www.instagram.com/carpathian.wrath.art/


And here I am going to present some of my 2 posts. As you can see most of them are going more into the ,,personal,, side.


Painted the cover of my sketch book by using the stencil technique. I covered the surface with paint by using a normal sponge. It is a quick and pretty easy method.


Celebrate diversity! Prepared a example for what I worked with a little girl.




Some words I’d like to share

These words are somehow a continuation of what is written in the ,,About,, section, you can read it in the right part of the page, below the profile picture.

Until now, over three years and a half since the born of this project, the objectives were and still are, focused combining the mythology respectively the spiritual concepts with history ( only European). Some basic areas which stands at the roots of an National identity.

More serious and based themes will be included in the future visuals. This project will continue in a manner with an militant substrate, sends/transmit concentrated messages and diversifing it’s methods, through the artistic area.

These are de objectives for now, who will lead to a single purpose: Development and continuous progress, bringing something which the Romanian spirit needs and the rest of European nationalists can be inspired.



,,Revival comes foward,, Mosaic


( English Below, the original description is written in Romanian )

Primul mosaic făurit.
,, Renaşterea înainteză” este compus din două elemente, simboluri solare, ambele contribuind la primordialitatea spiritualităţii popoarelor europene native. În prima jumătate se regăseşte rozeta sau floarea vieţii (partea de est a Europei), în ce-a de a doua jumătate se află Sonnenrad sau Soarele Negru (simbol preluat din Vest).

Reprezentarea de faţă constituie o simbioză, introduce ideologia paneuropeană şi manifestă chemarea, tot odată renaşterea tradiţionalismului autohton din ruinele lăsate de către epoca contemporană. Este un îndemn către lichidarea metodelor şi valorilor distructive a lumii moderne, un îndemn atât către defensivă cât şi pentru ofensivă.
Conceptul reprezintă o strigare silenţioasă, sentiment tot mai des întâlnit printre cei ce duc bătălia în acest război ,,nevăzut”.


First mosaic ever made.

”Revival comes foward” is composed of two elements, both solar symbols, contributing to the primacy of the spirituality of native Europeans. In the first half of this visual concept is the Rosette or the Flower of Life ( the East Europe ), in the second half there is Sonnenrad or the Black Sun ( symbol taken from the West ).

The present representation is a symbiosis, introduces the pan-European ideology and manifests the call, the rebirth of the local traditionalism from the ruins left by the contemporary Era. It is an urge to the liquidation of the destructive methods and values of the modern world, an urge to both the defensive and the offensive of European people. The concept represents a silent cry, the feeling which is more and more common among those who struggle and take the battle in this unseen war.




CWA on VK.

⊕ After one month of inactivity I am going to expand this project on more, varied ”fronts”. Since I am still dealing with other obligations, I will only work on this part of improvement, ”cleaning up” the FB page and the official blog, just to make room for the serious concepts that I will bring. From now on, CWA will be presented on VK.
Also, in the near future, I will maintain a private back-up page, just in case the future art concepts will not delight the ”weak ones”.


4 January Update- Improving the project.

    ⊕ I was thinking that a small note writed below will be good, just to make everyone updated with some few things.
     ⊕ So, today at 3 or 4 AM I scheduled some posts about two artworks, first I’ve uploaded them on blog’s facebook page. In the beginning of december 2016 I started new drawings but since I didn’t have enought time I had to make a pause. At the moment, the exams are near and I will try to study as much as I can just to make sure that I will reserve a little bit of time to continue the artworks, I am very excited about these drawings because the ideas ,,hidden,, in them are amaizing. I will also write a text when the time will come to present them.
Just to make clear, until now the first drawing is about half done and the second is about 20% I think, done.
      ⊕ Secondly, since I am from Romania I was thinking to write the descriptions in romanian and then to translate them in english because the primordial idea of this blog is actually to resurrect the romanian identity and to bought to these folks something that is not promoted anymore in this decadent modern world. Of course, this project is actually for everyone and I want to encourage other people from other nations to defend and fight for their culture and indentity since Europe is now collapsing.
     ⊕ Another thought of mine, as I said above and making some references to european/romanian culture. I want to raise this project to another levels and make things more serious. Sharing my works here may help, of course, but why not sharing ALL of my works, including my thoughts, motivations, books that I read, what I am doing to improve myself etc. ? These are just examples, you got the point. I will put all of these in the ,,Personal,, section if it’s necessary, probably I will delete some of the very old posts.
I did not think about this as an ,,2017 resolution,, I got these things in my mind since one or about two years ago, but I had to improve and develop these actions and ideas. I had to watch and read other people actions and thoughts just to make clear what I will do next and how I will do these stuff to improve my interest area.
     ⊕ I do really hope things will go better in this New Year. Many blessings.

Trip to Bistritza-Nasaud country

Since I don’t want to turn my art blog into a traveling one (even throught that I’ve always wanted to have one) I will share the important things from this travel which made me to write this post.

In the first place, this was more a spiritual trip and you will see in the next phrases why. A very long road (more than 12 hours with the minibus, with 2 breaks of 30 minutes, one break in Brasov and the last break in Bistritza city), travelling in the other side of my country, passing throught the Carpathian mountains.

However, long story short, when I had arrived at the destination, the area had no phone signal, which means no internet connection. I had phone signal when I walked on the mountain. But this was not a problem because I had a very good experience and I felled so much better with out it. Unfortunately I stayed for a week, in all this time I had painted 2 paintings and I did one colored drawing.


The road map. From Bucharest to Arshitza village (Arşiţa in romanian).

I had a chance to took some photos, some of them were used for sketches and paintings.



Rupea Fortress.


When I had arrived, the local villagers were very kind, tipically for romanians who are living in mountains and hills, especially north. The below photos were taken near area where I’ve stayed.

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After long daily walk in the forest and on the hills, I came back in my room to paint.

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Beautiful Panorama I had made in Rodna Mountains- north part of the Carpathians mountains

Having no internet connection or signal on my phone, made me to enjoy more the beauty of the purest form of my country. In the last days, my paintings were done, I also did one 50/70 drawing with watercolors and black liner but I did not managed to take a picture of it, unfortunetly…it was truly amaizing..


The first painting is about 50/70


100/100, I used acrylic on canvas on both paintings

I had so many great experiences that is pretty hard to describe them in words, here, the light, the air, the people, the animals, everything was so pure and untoched by the degradation of the modern world. For one week my mind was clean and I did not even had a bad thought, on Sunday I had visited the local orthodox church, it had a huge inpact on my feelings, especially when the priest started commemorating the heroes that once died and gave sacriffaces to this land and it’s folk, the priest also mentioned the ,,Vojevods,, Saints. Old people there were incredible polite and civilised, something which you see very rare. They also had about 80+ and they looked with 20 years old younger.

I had to go back to my native city, to Bucharest…with a sick and sorrow in my heart I left the village. Almost every day I am thinking about that time, it was the greatest medicine. And Bucharest, for me is like I  woke up from an enchanted dream to see the horror of the modern ,,progressive,, people.


After I left the little piece of Heaven


Orthodox church that I captured on the road back to Bucharest


Back to Bucharest: In the front we can see Brasov


Wanting to go back