Eternal night, eternal winter

peisaj de iarna

This is the first painting where I used pallet knives, never used this technique before. Also I used a bit of some small paint brushes.

Dimension: 29,5/39,5 cm.
Acrylic and soft pastel.


Wooden bracelets

First try, and first three models. Bracelets made from popsicle sticks.

Easy to make but it takes some time. Pretty happy with the results. The symbols mostly are extracted from the baltic culture, some of them are also visible in the slavic culture and of course in the romanian national folk costumes and art (such as wood sculpting).21105421_1947040368876255_6538633263932844250_n

Tanks on field ( first two paintings )

Tanks on field 1/3 and 2/3
The first two paintings of this series are done, the last one will be done next month ( in May).
Actually these paintings are some studies of random images found on the internet, I used them for practice since I don’t usually paint or draw tanks. The purpose is to get better for the militant concepts which will be used in the near future.