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Storm over Bucharest (+ details)


Storm over Bucharest presents a symbolic scene, some type of an apocalyptic phase, more specific: the ending of the Contemporary Era.
Building by destroying, the revival of traditionalism from the ashes is crucial here because a new world, based from the old ethics will be about to born.
In other words, the basic idea is the superiority of the traditionalist ideals over the modern ,,virtues,, . A world for those who reach for the eternity, sustainable orders and laws, rejecters of worshiping the False Gods such as materialism. Those are the one who build themselves up by sacrifice, which in this methaphysical war, they will be the survivors.
The base idea started to develop in the same time as the progress of this illustration. The white blank page was covered in black ink, I also used white ink pen, colored and white pencils, soft pastel and white acrylic.

About some of the social media accounts.

Recently, I begun to be more active on the Instagram front. Promoting these works of art on this social media, was a great idea. This was actually my personal stuff account, as a ,,psychical person,, but then deleted all the nonsense, changed the name and description and made up the official account of Carpathian Wrath Art.¬†Unfortunately I have to keep the profile on private mode because I can’t risk, some very weak people can hate the things I post. (if you are using an PC or don’t have an instagram account probably the link of the Instagram page won’t work). Since wordpress won’t allow to post different small clips of my work’s progress, I posted them right there.

I highly suggest to follow me here because :

1. I’m looking forward to show interesting things about culture, history, ethics, aesthetics and so on, CwA was mostly created as an visual and spiritual ,,food,,.

2. WordPress, has a limit, of course if you don’t pay a domain. (I am able to upload only about 3GB of media)

3. Facebook, it is very tricky. Most of the followers and people who gave a like to the blog’s official Facebook page can’t see my posts so easily, so again, if I have to promote myself there I have to pay money.

This is how the Instagram account looks.

Link again: https://www.instagram.com/carpathian.wrath.art/


And here I am going to present some of my 2 posts. As you can see most of them are going more into the ,,personal,, side.


Painted the cover of my sketch book by using the stencil technique. I covered the surface with paint by using a normal sponge. It is a quick and pretty easy method.


Celebrate diversity! Prepared a example for what I worked with a little girl.



New logo design + other versions of it


After working on all these 8 versions of logos I have decided to keep the one above as the new profile pic of the page.

Here are all the other versions, in increasing order. (click on the picture if you want to see it larger)