Tanks on field ( first two paintings )

Tanks on field 1/3 and 2/3
The first two paintings of this series are done, the last one will be done next month ( in May).
Actually these paintings are some studies of random images found on the internet, I used them for practice since I don’t usually paint or draw tanks. The purpose is to get better for the militant concepts which will be used in the near future.

Hand-made booklet


( English Below )
Cărticică cusută manual. Conţine 64 de pagini.
Aceasta este prima încercare de realizare a unui caieţel de schiţe sau de scris, de aceea, nu depăşeste mai mult de 8 cm. pătraţi.

Coperta este constituită dintr-o bucată de carton subţire, lipirea diferitelor crenguţe şi a altor elemente extrase din copaci a fost posibilă datorită unui adeziv.
Pentru detaliile finale au fost necesare doar culorile de apă.

Hand-stitched booklet. Contains 64 pages.
This is the first attempt of making an hand made sketch or writing book, therefore, does not exceed more than 8 centimeters. ( Both height and length )

The cover is made of a thin piece of cardboard, gluing various twigs and other elements extracted from the trees, was made possible through an adhesive.
For the final details were only required watercolors.

Revival comes forward


Flower of Life with Black Sun, combined, results an pure pan-european concept.
The correlation between West and East, their primordial forms is one of the roots from the this cultural tree: european civilization and its foundation.

CWA on VK.

⊕ After one month of inactivity I am going to expand this project on more, varied ”fronts”. Since I am still dealing with other obligations, I will only work on this part of improvement, ”cleaning up” the FB page and the official blog, just to make room for the serious concepts that I will bring. From now on, CWA will be presented on VK.
Also, in the near future, I will maintain a private back-up page, just in case the future art concepts will not delight the ”weak ones”.